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I drive by Le Pho Bistro on 406 East Hastings Street everyday on my way to and back from work .  Despite it being in a sketchy part of town (and next to a methodone clinic), I had to give it a try because I’ve read good reviews about it as well.  Afterall, good pho is good pho!


We were feeling a bit iffy about going in because the windows had bars and were tinted.  The interior, however, seemed to be quite clean and spacious.  They have signs promoting free wireless internet….woot!  Here’s a picture of the view from within.


One thing I noticed on the menu is that they have quite a large vegetarian selection.  This is one of the rare places that serve veggie pho!


Here’s a quick recap of the pho:

Price: 5.49 for a small bowl and 6.50 for a large

The portions here were smaller compared to other places.  It had 5 slices of beef in a small pho tai and not much noodles.  The beef was very tender.  The broth was on the salty side and MSG levels were medium-high.  The final ratings for the pho were across the board- some gave it a high score of 8 and it also went as low as a 4!  The average score was 6.

Have you been to Le Pho Bistro/ Hanoi Pho?  Leave a comment and let us know what you think!

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After reading such positive reviews on dinehere and urbanspoon, we decided to make our way to New Westminster to check out Pho Maxima.   The restaurant was small and had a 70s diner feel to it- it had beige colored vinyl booths on the sides and a few tables in the middle.   We had around 12 people for this meeting and took up all the tables in the middle 😛


The first thing I noticed was that the tea they served had a very unique taste.  I liked it!  It was lotus tea and they sell them for $7 a bag.  I ordered the spring rolls as an appetizer.  They were  fresh and tasty but had very little meat in  it.


The pho was $5.85 for a small and $6.85 for a large.  Portion was generous- lots of noodles and 8 slices of tender beef in a small pho tai.  The noodles were, however, inconsistent.  Some parts were hard and clumpy and others were soft.  The broth was on the lighter side.   I found the MSG to be on the medium/high side.


enjoying my pho!                            snap shot of the group

Overall, we gave the pho a 7 out of 10- which is a bit above average. The service we received was very friendly, attentive, and fast.   Most people in the group said they would come back in the future.



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a fresh start…

slowly moving http://pholicious.xanga.com/ to wordpress … wish me luck! 🙂

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