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The weather’s been amazing lately but the heat is diminishing my pho cravings 😦  Can someone suggest some Vietnamese restaurants with air conditioning?  Thanks! 🙂


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We held an official Pholicious meeting at Pho 101 in Burnaby back in May.  I was still living in Burnaby that time and drove by everyday for weeks in anticipation of the grand opening.  It was just blocks away from my old place… walkable distance!  The closest Vietnamese restaurant was 15mins away (and they aren’t very good).  Needless to say, I was pretty excited 😛

When it finally opened, I immediately scheduled a meeting there 🙂  The interior is small- probably less than 10 tables in total.   We showed up for a late lunch and had to wait for a table.  Business seemed to be doing quite well.  It has a modern decor and has very uniquely specialized dinning ware. I mean, just look at this hoison squeeze bottle! The waitstaff are dressed in black polo shirts with Pho 101 embroided on them.  The service was very nice, attentive, and fast… just how we like it!

They have a good selection on their menu- all the usual things and a few unique items.  They have a total of 8 different types of subs- that’s the most I’ve seen.  I couldn’t resist ordering a few appetizers, so we decided to try the special sub (ham, bacon, pate, and shredded pork), salad roll, and spring rolls.  The filling in the sub was good, but the bread was too crunchy and dry 😦  All the food was presented very nicely and ingredients were very fresh.

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I usually order Pho Tai but this time the Pho Dac Biet caught my eye- it’s served with filet mignon!  The filet mignon was served raw on a separate plate and you take it and dip it in the hot soup to cook.  It’s a very neat concept!  The meat was very lean and tender.  Noodles were cooked just right.  The broth was lighter in flavor and low on the MSG.   The house special is on the pricy side- $9.95 while others are between $6.65 – $7.50.

pho 101 (16)pho 101 (10)

Overall, it received a score of 7/10.  The dishes are tasty but like Spices, you pay more for the nice decor.  The location has an advantage as there are no other Vietnamese restaurants in the neighborhood.  Also, Sushitown next door is always busy so they might be getting their overflow.  We enjoyed our visit but it’s not somewhere we would go all the time.   Maybe once in a while for special occasions 🙂

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Asian 54

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Sorry for the lack of updates recently- just moved and didn’t have internet for awhile!

One of the things I miss most about living in Burnaby is being close to Asian 54.  I know that sounds a bit sad but I just love this place!  Last night I had to run some errands in Burnaby so I made sure I stopped by for a quick dinner.

It’s a very small and clean restaurant.  The service is always great- friendly, prompt, and always with a smile!  They have a good selection on the menu… I’m tempted to try it all but can’t resist the pho! I’ve tried their subs, spring rolls, and salad rolls and they were all very good.  The subs do get sold out at times 😦  They sure are tasty though!  The french bread is fresh and toasted and stuffing is fresh and generous.

What I like most about their pho is the broth- it’s clean, flavorful (beef bones and daikon), and isn’t loaded with MSG.  The noodles are cooked just right and the beef is of good quality.  MMmmmmmmmMMm!

Ok, so I sound like I’m advertising for this place… but I have to say- it’s one of my favorite places in the lower mainland.  Too bad I won’t be visiting as often anymore 😦

I will miss you Asian 54.  If anyone knows a good pho place downtown, let me know! Thanks!

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