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I apologize for the lack of updates this summer- it has been an extremely busy summer!  We haven’t stopped eating pho… I am just really behind with the updates!

For our June meeting, we went to Pho Viet Vietnamese Fine Cuisine on Kingsway.  We have also visited a Pho Viet in Richmond but they don’t seem to be associated.  Or maybe this is a ‘finer’ version of it 😛  We were intrigued by the name and also because when we drove by, we saw this sign:

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A large bowl of pho for 4.99??  How can one resist! Upon entering, we noticed that the place was very clean and well decorated.  It had an oriental decor with a modern twist.  They had very nice lanterns in different shapes hanging from the ceiling.  The restaurant was empty- we were the only patrons during a Sunday lunch.  We were greeted promptly by a very friendly server.  He seated us and immediately served some iced tea in small beer mugs.  We asked him if the Pho was really 4.99 and if the special would be around in July too. He responded ‘it’s the recession, you help me, I help you”.

They had a pretty good selection on their menu- the usual (pho, rice dishes, vermicelli, subs) and also additional specialties (the finer dishes :P).  Most of the dishes were $1-2 more than other places- except for the subs.  The subs were a lot more than other places that I’ve been to.  They range from $5.50 – $7.50.

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The side plate included red chili peppers, limes, basil, bean sprouts, and the saw-leaf herb.  The pho came in one size and the regular price would be $7.75 to 8.50.  Overall, for $5 it’s definitely a great deal and worth coming for… but I wouldn’t come here for pho if it was regular priced.  It didn’t stand out compared to other places on Kingsway.  The broth was a bit oily tasting and not as flavorful. The owner had said the special would continue and they might have other dishes on special in other months as well.  We rated this place 6.5 out of 10

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