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For our September meeting, we wanted to ride the new Canada line so we chose a restaurant in Richmond.  Pho Queen was recommended by one of our members who frequents Richmond Pho restaurants.  The restaurant is opened from 11am to 12am everyday.  When we arrived at the restaurant, we noticed that the plaza was extremely busy!  The parking lot was full and there were lots of cars circling around and waiting for spots.  It seemed extremely hectic.  It’s a good thing the restaurant was not as busy as the parking lot because we had 12 people for this meeting.  The staff quickly put a few tables together for us and served us tea.

The interior was bright, clean, and the high ceilings made it feel very open.  It was very spacious and the tables were not crammed together.  I was told it used to be a Chinese restaurant and thus the decor reflected so.  Most tables were round ones with marble tops.  In the center of the room, it had a huge chandelier!  It certainly adds a bit of class 😛 With the chandelier we thought the prices would be higher – but they were reasonable.  $5.50 for a small bowl and $6.50 for a large.

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They had subs for $3.50 but it was sold out for that day 😦 So I got spring rolls as appetizer instead.  They were delicious! It had lots of filling and tasted fresh.  Now for the main event- the pho!  The noodles were cooked just right- nice and firm.  The portion was a bit smaller as they were only 5 slices of beef in a small pho tai.  Broth had good flavor and was not too fatty or oily.  It didn’t taste like they use much MSG.  I would say low-medium amount.  We gave it a 7.5. I would return to this place if I was in the area.  The pho is good, restaurant is spacious and clean, and hours make it convenient.

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