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I apologize for the delay in updating!  It’s always a bit crazy around the holidays.  For our October meetings, we try to look for somewhere ‘sketchy’ to go to 😛  We usually end up somewhere on Kingsway.  This time, we picked Pho Hoa on Kingsway and Nanaimo.  This was actually the first pho restaurant I went to in Vancouver.  I remember going there after the fireworks nights- it made sitting in traffic worth it!  There are many locations of Pho Hoa in the lower mainland (and around the world!).  For a list of their locations go here: Pho hoa locations

The reason we considered this Pho Hoa sketchy is because in the same strip mall, there’s a ‘massage’ parlour and an adult store that has 25 cent peep shows 😀 So if the pho doesn’t satisfy you enough, you can go next door for a happy ending 😛 It’s also a 24hr place and thus attracts all sorts of people.  As you can see, they have security cameras inside!

I’ve always liked the menu at Pho Hoa.  The pho is organized into beginners, regulars, and adventurers.  The lower down the list, the more mystery meat in your bowl 😛  They also have a kid’s meal that comes with a soft drink.  On the top of the menu it has the name and picture of the different types of meat found in pho.  I find this very helpful for beginners.

The pho was better than what I remembered it to be…. and it comes out super fast.  The broth was flavorful (lots of onions!) but a tad greasy.  Perfect for after a night of drinking 😛  The beef comes out nice and rare and noodles are cooked well.  For a place where people refer to as the McDonalds of pho, I was pretty impressed! Or maybe just really hungry.  We gave it a 6.5/10.

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