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We had pretty high expectations for this meeting since Pho Thai Hoa received a bronze medal for best Vietnamese restaurant in the 2009 Vancouver Magazine’s Restaurant Awards.  They even had the ad posted on the door 🙂  It has 2 different locations, once on Kingsway and the other in Richmond.  We visited the Kingsway one back in 2006 and rated the pho a 6/10.   It was good but it didn’t particularly stand out.

The restaurant is located on Capstan way, in the same plaza and Pho Queen.  I always have problems finding parking  in this lot during lunch hours…. sooo busy!  It’s on a corner and the restaurant is very long and narrow.  The decor is very interesting- it resembles a cruise ship! There are big murals, life preservers, and even the staff is dressed in sailor outfits.  Pho on a cruise?  That’s a first!  Another thing that stood out was the nice tea cups they have (see above picture).

The menu is extensive and includes subs and bubble tea.  I ordered the usual starter- spring rolls!  The skin was extremely tough and it did not taste fresh. Good thing it wasn’t an indicate of how the pho would be!

The price is average- $5.95 for a small and $6.50 for the large.  The portions are noticeably bigger than usual.  The noodles were the thinner type, and there was a generous portion.  The beef slices are very thin and tender.  The broth was very fragrant and flavorful- it had a nice beef flavor and was a bit on the sweet side.  MSG levels were rated to be medium.  Overall, this was a solid bowl of pho!  It might be time to give the Kingsway location another try!  It scored a 8/10.

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