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My family randomly stumbled upon this restaurant one time and have been raving about it for weeks, so I had to go and try it out.  The place is very small- it only has 25 seats… we took up half the restaurant!  If I had known that everything in there was green, I would’ve scheduled this meeting for St.Pattys day! They had green tables, chopsticks, and green pudding displayed in the fridge.  We were greeted promptly and they quickly put together some tables for us.  This place looked like it was family owned, with the husband in the back cooking and wife at the front.  She was very pleasant and welcoming.

The menu was lengthy and full of pictures.  My appetite grew as I flipped through the pages.  Then I saw this disclaimer on the bottom of the menu: pictures are for reference only, might be different from real orders.  I’m sure it would still be good even if it’s not as well presented- kinda funny they would warn you though!

We started out with our usual appetizer- spring rolls! Very fresh and the filling was generous.  Someday I’ll try and branch out and order other appetizers… but I’m always craving for spring rolls!  They also have subs on the menu for $3.50.

The pho came out piping hot! Such a bonus because I really don’t like it when the broth is lukewarm ><  Despite the disclaimer, it still looked very tasty 🙂 It’s $5.95 for a small and $6.95 for a large.  Sides that are served includes sprouts, lots of basil, and lemon (no peppers!).  The portions are larger than usual.  The beef came out rare and was sliced very thin and the cut is tender. The tendons came in big pieces and they were of good quality. Beef balls were good as well.  The broth was light in flavor- a bit too light.  Everything stood out except for the broth.  We rated the pho 6.5.

At the end of the meal, we were given complimentary green puddings! The lady explained that it’s made from an herb.  It had a hint of coconut flavor.  That was a very nice touch! I would like to come back and try some other dishes in the future.

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