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After reading the review on Chow Times, I couldn’t wait to try out this restaurant!  They have a great selection of noodle soups other than pho!  One that sounded most intriguing was the Bun Mam- which is a Vietnamese anchovy soup.  This soup is recommended by Chow times!  As much as I wanted to try it, I had to order the pho this time so we can rate it.  I will be back to try these other soups another time!

The restaurant was full when we arrived for a 1pm Sunday lunch.  We had a large group and the server was nice enough to save the middle section for us as customers slowly leave. This was not an easy task as new customers kept rushing in.

So many things on the menu I wanted to try!  I wish I could just sit there and sample everything all day.  One thing I noticed about the menu is that it has a vegetarian section 🙂  I will keep this review short as I only tried the pho this time.

Price: Small $6.25 and Large $6.75

Portion: normal

Meat: beef balls were a bit too soft and not much flavor

Noodles: good texture, not enough

Broth: beefy, peppery, not very aromatic, piping hot

Overall rating: 7.5 / 10

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