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Once a year on our anniversary in August, we have our pho-a-thon/ pholympics.  We go to the top 2 restaurants rated by us this year. The winners are Thien Kim on Nanaimo and Broadway in Vancouver and Pho Thai Hoa on Capstan way in Richmond.  It’s also called Pholympics because we come up with silly events and prizes 😛

We met at Thien Kim for lunch; it was busy as usual. Since we weren’t rating their pho this time, we took the opportunity to try out the other dishes people have been raving about.

seafood noodle soup

satay noodle soup

Just like the pho, the other dishes were delicious.  We didn’t stay long as there were people waiting outside for a table.  This place will definitely become one of my regulars. Highly recommended!


The dinner meeting is where all the fun events take place.  Pho thai hoa serves a very good bowl of pho too.  Our Pholympics categories this year include: fastest eater, spiciest eater, most meatballs stuffed in mouth, and broth hurdles.

chilis for spicy eating contest                             interesting design

broth hurdles! It almost came back out after I was done!

meatballs (+extras) stuffed in mouth and the spiciest eater!

kings and queens of pho: fastest eater and yes, most meatballs stuffed in mouth :O


All in all, great food and great company. This little idea which arose during a period of unemployment has been one of the best things that’s ever happened to me 🙂 It’s kept us all together and given us the opportunity to try new things and meet new people. Live on Pholicious!


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Back from another long hiatus! I was away for 3 months for school. Now that I’m back, time to get back into it!  This meeting actually took place during in the summer.  Pho Royal is on Burrard and 2rd ave in Kits. I saved this one for a nice day so the group can hangout at the beach after lunch. I’ve always been skeptical about going to downtown or kits for pho.  They are usually more expensive and not as good.

Pho Royal is a small restaurant.  It looks more like a take out pizza joint. The interior is small and has a mishmash of different decors.  The staff is very friendly and they seem to know their customers quite well. It had a nice neighborhood restaurant feel to it.

They had only one size and one price for the phos: $8.40.  The portion was decent- it had a good balance of meat and noodles.  The noodles were thin and quite clumpy. They broke off very easily.  The broth had good flavor.  We rated this place a 7/10.  It was a pretty solid bowl; I was pleasantly surprised!

Pho Royal on Urbanspoon

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