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was reading up on pho and found this great website!


lots of information on pho

a great read for any pho lover!


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This was our last meeting of 2010! We ended the year early because I had to go away for school 😦  We first noticed My Chau years ago when we had a meeting next door- Hoa Sinh. My Chau is located on Kingsway between Knight St. and Victoria.  I had a habit of scheduling meetings then finding out the restaurant wasn’t open after everyone arrived :P. Learned my lesson the hard way! I checked their hours and found out they were opened at odd hours! They open at 9am and close at 6pm 😮

My Chau is known from their Pho ga (chicken pho).  It looked amazing but I had to stick to the beef pho for ratings.  I will have to come back for the other 😦 Gotta stay focused! 😛 The restaurant was small; they couldn’t accommodate all of us in one table so we split up.  We were there for a Sunday lunch and it was very busy. That’s always a good sign 😉 Because they were so busy, the service was slow. We waited a while for them to take our orders and had to remind them to give us more teacups.


Here’s the review for the pho!

Small: 6.00, Large 6.50- ample portion for both

beef slices were thin and of good quality

noodles: al dente

broth: light, sweet, piping hot

overall: 8 out of 10. Definitely better than the average place. It’s one I would like to come back to. Recommended!



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