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Oog it has been too long my PHOllowers, between updates, and pho that, I am sorry. Pho reals. 🙂 but here we are! In the new year, and with a new pho review from April!

This time, we hit up the new place right by my neighborhood, Pho Tan. It replaces the old Pho Saigon restaurant on Kingsway, (which… was good? Bad? I dunno – never got to try it). Despite being sandwiched between a Greek restaurant and a Japanese sukiyaki place, parking was still plentiful in front and on the street.

The spacious interior looked like it was recently renovated, with lots of natural light coming in, new furniture, and clean! As an added surprise, one of our members reported that he had seen Peter Chao there before. Well.. I don’t know if that adds to the ambiance, but who cares, we’re here for the pho.

Pho Tan!

The portions were good, with definite steam coming off of the bowls as they got to our table. The soup was piping hot, which is always approved by our members. We dug right in and we weren’t disappointed. One member ordered the satay pho, and subsequently declared it the Best Satay Pho Ever. Which, says something.

Satay pho!

Service was okay, nothing special. Pretty much what we expected. It seemed like there was only two servers, but they seemed to be able to keep everyone happy.

Pho Tan Spring Rolls

Overall, everyone seemed to enjoy the food, with one member even admitting that he had convinced his coworkers to come here for lunch 3 times in the last week. That’s dedication!

This is... ah... It's... green

Here’s our review of the pho!

Sm: $5.99 Lg: $6.99
Beef: Good portions!
Noodles: firm, al dente
Broth: light, piping hot
Presentation: 3 out of 4*

*We forgot to write it down, so I made it up from memory 😀

Overall: 8 out of 10

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