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Last June, we went to Pho Linh (325 East Broadway). Following our meager showing last month, this time the club came out en-masse with nine members! Including the littlest PHOllower.

Littlest PHOllower

The pho had really good portions – definitely more beef than noodles in each of our bowls. However, we found that the beef brisket & flank were very tough, and the tendons, although soft, were broken up into small pieces. This stuff was definitely overcooked! However, the beef balls were okay. But you can never overcook those. The broth was fairly light, with low MSG, but it was rather peppery. Overall the presentation was notably good. The sides were a bit limited, although it included bean sprouts, basil, and a single lonely lime. We looked at the lime, and then looked at each other, and then mentally began sizing up our chances of getting that lime wedge. It didn’t look good for most of us. Definitely not enough provided for so many people!

Light & peppery!

Service was slow. A spring roll order was messed up and generally slow to be brought out. Coffee orders were made, and then left on the counter. Although there was only one server for the whole restaurant, service didn’t look good. With 8 tables total, this place was just not ready to handle a large crowd. Sadly, when the spring rolls did finally arrive, they were large, with lots of filling, but not very flavourful.

On the plus side, the menus were entertaining.


Here’s our review of the Pho!

Sm: $6.45 Lg: $6.95
Beef: Overdone & broken up, balls were okay
Noodles: not commented
Broth: light and peppery
Presentation:  3.5 out of 4

Overall: 7 out of 10

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This month (well, in May 2011), we visited Pho Phu Thinh, all the way in Coquitlam (360-1175 Johnson St). This restaurant is in the same complex as the HK-style cafe Copa Cafe – the place to be for suburban faux-hipsters like us, and the wild party-animal retirees. It’s pretty good. But we’re not here to review them. We’re here for the Pho. Surprisingly, only one member of  Pholicious was able to make it to this one, but fear not! Our dedicated leader won’t let you down.

Portion size has good ratio of meat to noodles. With good quality beef slices. Our keen-eyed representative counted six, yes six beef slices. Unfortunately the noodles was a bit of a letdown, as it was clumpy, although the broth was light and clear with a clean taste, and low MSG. The usual sides of sprouts, basil, jalapeno & lemon were included. Unfortunately our member did not like the pho overall. What a disaPHOment!

Like looking into a pho lagoon

The interior of the restaurant is clean and spacious, and everything looked pretty new. There were no comments on the service, so either our lone member was served so adequately that there  was no comments, or it was too difficult to remember. I’ll leave it as “average.” As a plus, they’re not cash-only!

Fried Chicken Wings!

Here’s our review of the pho!

Sm: $6.10 Lg: $7.10
Beef: Good quality
Noodles: Clumpy
Broth: Clear & light, low MSG
Presentation:  not commented

Overall: 6 out of 10

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