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This month we hit up Pho Goodness in downtown. This time, we had four hardcore members coming out to see if this place really lived up to the goodness in it’s name.

The squiggle tells you how to pronounce it.

First impressions were good, the interior was clean, modern, breezy and open – probably because it had a garage-door! There was only one size for their pho, with prices ranging from $6.95-$7.50 for a bowl. The portion sizes were fair, and the noodles had good texture.

The beef quality was just okay, with generous portions of meat, but the meat balls were stale (!!). The soup, while hot, had a very salty daikon flavour, with a medium amount of MSG. Overall, the presentation of the pho was a ‘meh’. Service was so-so, with no water refills being provided despite asking for it. The shame!

The usual sides were available: bean sprouts, lime, and basil. With chilis by request.

Here’s our review of the Pho!

One size: $6.95-$7.50
Beef: okay quality with large portions, but stale meat balls
Noodles: good texture
Broth: hot, daikon-flavoured, but very salty
Presentation:  2 out of 4

Overall: 7 out of 10

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Where have all the pho updates gone you ask? What will we do while there has been no pho posts!? Where will we get a steady stream of highly-amusing-yet-informational-yet-critical reviews of pho in Vancouver??!?

Calm your pho-rantic running around in a circle! Our pho-president has been away in Paris where she is busy sampling pho-rench pho (it’s a hard job!). And your humble pho-poster has been busy at school. Yikes! But fear not, we have returned! And so has the pho-reviews!

This time, we visit Pho Goodness in downtown Vancouver back in July.

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