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Ah September, what better time to go back to learn more about our local Vancouver pho, than during back-to-school season? This month, we went to Hoi An on Kingsway and Victoria Drive.

Walking in, we were surprised to see a big line up outside the door. On a rainy day no less. This place was not tiny, but definitely packed! Luckily we had a few early members there who snagged us a couple of tables so we were able to order quickly. Despite the line-up, the interior was actually not too crowded, with lots of room in between tables. The decor had some generic art on the walls, but otherwise not too out of the ordinary. Overall our members found it to be quite clean and comfortable.

Service was decent, with staff speaking pretty good English – which seems less the case in Pho restaurants nowadays (but I digress..). They had fold-out menus, which seemed to please some of our members.

Fold out menu!

Sides were the usual suspects, although with generous portions – bean sprouts (cooked upon request), basil, and lime. Hot peppers were given only with the #1 special though.

Now the Pho. Portion sizes were notably good for both large and small sizes, with equally good portions of beef slices. Noodles were firm, but unfortunately not quite chewy enough for our discerning members. The broth was piping hot and meaty, with a low amount of MSG (bonus!). Presentation of Pho was above-average.

That presentation’s a 3!

One of our members who had been here before, reported that the #1 special Mi Quong (egg noodles in Pork/shrimp broth) was both light, and tasty – and he highly recommended ordering “semi-off-the-menu” with a custom order of #1 with the #2 special’s sauce. Waitress seemed to take in stride, perhaps this is a ‘super secret special’ only for the regulars? Perhaps after this, some of us will become regulars. Many planned on coming back to try the custom order.

Super secret #1 special with #2 sauce

Here’s our review of the Pho!

One size: $6.75-$7.25
Beef: good portions
Noodles: firm but not quite chewy
Broth: piping hot and meat
Presentation:  3 out of 4

Overall: 8 out of 10

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Back Pho School

This week, we’re going back to school, PHOlicious school that is~! Not like there’s actually a School for Pho. Or School pho Pho.

Actually, a course where you could learn (and sample) Pho would be an EXCELLENT idea. Hmmmm, must keep that in mind for when our fearless leader returns from her Europho trip.

On Sept 25th, 2011 we went to Hoi An to get us some pho-learnin’ on. Yeah, I learns real good from skool.

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