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This week, we end our temporary hiatus to take you pho a revisit of Pho Tan (main street), but this time, with FOUR new members. Our resident club name-dubber jePHOry will be mediating and creating appropriate names PHOr them (some suggestions are: bbPHO, vegPHOtarian, PHO Chaud, and ghettoPHObulous).

And to commemorate these new members, this Pholicious meeting is also known as,

“I was there before the hipsters” Pho.


We had been to this Pho Tan location a few years ago, and we had decent score for the phood and décor. Since that original visit, our members have since visited the Pho Tan in Burnaby (good food) and the Pho Tan in Surrey (one member declared loudly that it was “ghetto PHObulous!”). This time, when we arrived we were seated promptly at a large table for our group of 10. The French-inspired décor hasn’t changed much since our first visit, although our members noted that this location still has one of the nicest “photeriors” – with great lighting, making it ideal for pho-dates, as it isn’t harsh on the face.

Pho Tan Spring Rolls!

Service was prompt and eager, with the bonus of they left a large carafe of water so that we could keep our many glasses of cold water filled.

On top of that, there was A/C (cool!), the bottles were still in the faux bamboo wall (nostalgic?), even the flooring impressed (classy). It’s also notable that there was also a wedding photo mounted on the wall by Fantasy Wedding Photographers of a very intense bride and groom. Definitely a great conversation piece.

However, my dear readers, you know that we’re not here for the photeriors, no matter how nice it is. We’re here for the Pho!

Check out the PHOtography!

The pho came fairly quickly after ordering. Portions were healthy, with multiple members even going so far as to call the portions  “perfect” and “just right”. The noodles were thin, but al dente, with a good portion of quality beef. Their specialty soup was a satay soup, which had very good spice/flavor, with just the right amount of heat. MSG amount was low, with only a mild after-thirst.

Sides included the regular fresh bean sprouts, with lots of (quite clean) basil leaves. Their seafood spring rolls got two thumbs up from one of our members, with a very crispy exterior on their regular spring rolls (which also came with a healthy amount of fish dipping sauce – bonus!). Sadly there wasn’t any chili hot sauce on the side, but this wasn’t a big deal for our hard-core group!

Here’s our review of the Pho!

Regular Sm: $6.50 Lg:  $7.50
Satay Sm: $7.30 Lg: $8.80
Beef: good quality and portion
Noodles: thin and al dente
Broth: good spice/flavour, with not too much heat
Presentation: 3 out of 4

Overall: 8.5 out of 10

Pho Tan Vietnamese on Urbanspoon


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Woah! We’ve been away for a while, but not because we haven’t been regularly seeking out the best Pho in Vancouver! We’ve just been catching up with our reviews and now we’re all caught up!

Sadly we have misplaced Pholicious review sheets from 82-87, but rest assured we’re looking for them, and as soon as we find them, we’ll post ’em!

In the meanwhile, here’s our latest review from this past weekend: I-was-there-before-the-Hipsters Pho.

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