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Do you remember what a simile is? It’s where you compare one thing to another in order to hopefully better explain what it’s like. Do you know what an extreme simile is? It’s where you describe something as EXTREME!! Or something like that. My knowledge of English grammar definition is like a Vietnamese coffee press. Yeah, just let that simmer for a while.

Neon Green Chopsticks!

Neon Green Chopsticks!

Anyways! Last November we went to Pho EXTREME Xe Lua, at the very convenient location on Broadway just near Main in Vancouver.  The decor was surprisingly modern, with nice wooden floors, black furnishings contrasted against white walls, ‘nice’ photos on the walls, and a ‘semi-nice’ bathroom. This particular location has less neon than the previous location, other than the neon-green chopsticks, leading one of our members to declare, “this is a CLASSY PLACE.”

“This is a CLASSY PLACE.”

But we’re not here for the decor, we’re here for the pho! The bowls came in three sizes: Small, Large and Extra Large. Which is good, because the small was declared “too small”, the Large was “not too big”, which leads me to assume that the Extra Large is “just right.” Beef slices were nice and thin, and one member described them as “firm, like my abs,” although they could have used a bit more. The noodles had good firmness, and were described as “tender, like my personality.” There was lots of soup in the bowl, but unfortunately it was only so-so, and a bit bland, with a high level of MSG, although one person declared it as a GOOD level of MSG. Presentation of pho rated only an average of 2 out of 4 (no more similes to personality traits, I promise).

Small and Large

Small and Large

The usual sides were there, green jalapenos, limes, basil and sprouts. Service was pretty good, polite, attentive and the owner was nice. One member even bravely declared “WOULD COME BACK.”

“The beef is tender like my personality. The noodles are firm, like my abs.”

Here’s our review of the Pho!

Regular Sm: $6.50 Lg:  $7.50 XLg: $8.50
Beef: tender, could use a little more
Noodles: nice and firm
Broth: so-so, bland, high MSG
Presentation: 2 out of 4

Overall: 7 out of 10

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