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We’re back pho-lks! This week we decided to try Thai Hang on Hastings in the Granview-Woodland area of Vancouver. In fact, our Pho-president was so excited about this pholicious meeting that she showed up a week early! But despite the confusion over the meeting date (ahem, that she herself set, ahem), we assembled together at the correct time and date and got down to the serious business of eating pho.

The interior of Thai Hang is fairly large, with a double-unit storefront on the north side of Hastings. Situated between a newly-opened Malaysian-ey Chinese restaurant and a TV repair shop, the interior was clean, well-lit and somewhat tropical with pictures of palm trees out front and a tiki bar(?)-style cashier area. Service was accommodating (even when we needed to add seats for additional members), although having most of the restaurant empty on a rainy morning likely helped. Having all of the utensils and sauces already on the table also made it easier to get all of our personal pho-eating equipment.

With that said, the pho arrived quickly with all of the usual sides of beansprouts, lime wedges, and cilantro leaves. Overall we found the noodles to be a tad overcooked, with not much springiness or “bite” to them. Sadly the broth was also under-seasoned and lacked depth, which was unfortunately exacerbated by being on the lukewarm side by the time we received it. The beef quality and quantity was average, but the variety was notably lacking in the house special which came with minimal beef balls and no tendon/tripe, which led us to wonder if we simply received rare beef phos in lieu. Presentation was serviceable, but not notable.

Pho comes in either Small ($6.50) or Large ($7.50), although if you also order a spring roll/cold drink/dessert, you might as well get the large since combo pricing ($9) essentially makes it the same price.

It’s also notable that they offered us complimentary dessert.

Sadly we were so out of pho-practice that we forgot to take pho-tos! Pho shame!!

Here’s our review of the pho!

Small: $6.50 Large: $7.50 Combo: $9
Beef: average, but lacking variety
Noodles: tad overcooked
Broth: lacked depth and seasoning
Presentation: 2 out of 4

Overall: 5 out of 10

Thai Hang Vietnamese Restaurant 輝記牛肉粉 on Urbanspoon


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