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Pholicious 95-Pho Capital

If you were to guess where the capital of pho in Vancouver would be, you’d probably guess somewhere along Kingsway, or perhaps East Vancouver. However, if you were to guess where the location of Pho Capital is, the correct answer is smack dab in the middle of Koreatown in Burquitlam. Located in a strip mall with (seriously) ample parking, Pho Capital took the place of a wine-making store, which is good for us, since we’re not here for wine, we’re here for the pho!

Seriously ample parking

Other than the large parking lot, the first thing we noticed upon entering was how clean the interior was. Service was quick and friendly, and the menu even had descriptive photos!

For the new and conPHOOsed

For the new and conPHOOsed

Our food orders came out super quick. So quick, in fact, that in some cases, the fried rolls were almost too hot to eat. But we soldiered through. The fried rolls skins were nice and crispy, although the filling was a bit on the bland side, the texture had a satisfying mixture of soft and crunch. Sides included the usual bean sprouts, Thai basil leaves, lime wedges, and gigantic jalapeño slices. Seriously, these were huge. But these were merely side characters, on to the pho!

Gigantic jalePHOnos

Gigantic jalePHOnos

Pho come in small and large sizes, with a copious portions of beef. The tendon were tender, and one member described them as “delicious”, although the brisket was merely “okay, but not great”. The noodles were on the softer side, and the broth was light and clear, but had good depth of flavour.

Good meat to noodle ratios

Good meat to noodle ratios

Here’s our review of the pho!

Small: $7.40 Large: 8.40
Beef: copious amounts of beef, though some had different noodle-to-beef ratios
Noodles: soft
Broth: clear, light, flavorful. Medium amount of MSG.
Presentation:  2 out of 4

Overall:  7 out of 10

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