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4th Annual Pho-a-thon!!

phoathon 09 (25)

We celebrated our 4th anniversary the end of August.  For our anniversary- we go to the restaurants that we rated the highest within the past year.  We have a lunch meeting, and then meet up again for dinner (one day we will do a midnight meeting to make it a true pho-a-thon!)  In addition to the visits, we also have our Pholympics- where we compete in various categories for pho-medals!

For the lunch meet- we ventured out to Surrey again to Pho Tam.  We went there for our November meeting and it was our highest rated restaurant in this past year… actually, highest of all time!  Thus was the reason why we were willing to make the trip to Surrey just for a bowl.  12 members came to compete for the Pholympics.

phoathon 09 (9)phoathon 09 (4)

Here’s a picture of everyone getting ready to compete! The categories are: most bowls completed, fastest eater, spiciest eater, and most meetings attended.  Last year we made Pholicious medals for the winners.  This year we went for subtlety and gave little bubble wands with the Pholicious logo instead 😛  And here are the winners!

phoathon 09 (31)

most bowls complete– PhoSho!

phoathon 09 (41)

fastest eater– minipho!

phoathon 09 (60)

spiciest eater– evileyepho!

phoathon 09 (57)

most meetings attended- Cutiepho!

For the dinner meet- we went to Spices on Cambie Street.  I cheated and ordered a non-pho dish! :O It was actually nice to be able to try something different for once!  Their other dishes were very flavorful.  I would say they were better than their pho!

phoathon 09 (48)phoathon 09 (44)

The day was fun-filled and it was nice to be able to celebrate 4 years of having an excuse to meet up and try pho at different places 🙂  Thanks everyone for the wonderful memories!


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spices (38) spices (10)

We wanted to pick somewhere nice as it was one of our member’s (Minipho) birthday.  Spices on Cambie is one of the nicest decorated Vietnamese restaurants in town.  We held a meeting here a few years ago and it made quite the impression.  It has a modern-looking decor- deep red colored walls, lots of black and white photos in ornate frames, dark wood floors.  Needless to say, it probably has the nicest ambiance for a Vietnamese restaurant in Vancouver.

spices (30)

spices (22)spices (34)

The restaurant looked very crowded when we arrived for a late lunch.  The service was still very prompt and friendly.  The menu had a good selection… and as you can see in the pictures- they serve sandwiches!  The sandwiches, however, are only available during lunch.

They only had one size for the pho, which ranged from $6.45 to $7.25.  The portion was a bit bigger than an average small bowl.  The quality of the beef was very good- tender, marbled, and tendons were huge!  The noodles were thicker than usual.  They were also inconsistent- some were al dente, some were clumpy.  The broth is clearer in color; it’s light but very flavorful.  One complaint is that it was not hot enough.  One of our members found a surprise in his pho- plastic!!  Overall, we gave it a 7– the taste was a bit above average but you’re paying more for the ambiance.

spices (26)

spices (33)

We hardly ever get to desserts but they kept recommending the fried banana with ice cream, so we decided to get one to share.  It was well worth it!  Here’s a picture of it… it tasted better than it looks 😛


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