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Do ever have déjà-vu? You know, Matrix-style where you are somewhere familiar but you swear you’ve never been there before? Song Huong is one of those places, apparently pholicious has been here thrice(!) before, yet all present company can’t remember actually being here. So we are going to revisit and review anew to see if they are as good as pholicious felt it was before!

So we’ve been here before?

The interior of Song Huong is cavernous, with half of the restaurant made up of tables and half diner booths. There’s a large fish tank by the door and a tiki bar in the corner, along with fake vines, decorative vegetables(zucchini and bitter melon) hanging from the ceiling mesh together with the burgundy and torquoise vinyl wallpaper to give it a decidedly eclectic feel.

It’s dark..

Service was quite prompt, and we quickly received menus, tea, and the usual sides once we ordered.  The pho came in two sizes: small and large-but-not-so-large. The beef quality was good, with tender beef slices and nicely firm, though small, pieces of tendon.

The slightly oily pho dac biet

The soup was a slightly less hot than we would prefer, a bit oily, but was full of depth and flavour. The bun bo hue soup was well balanced with the chili accentuating the depth without overpowering the flavour. The noodles were plentiful, although there was a slightly unusual texture to them.

The slightly nicer bun bo hue

The spring rolls were “not bad” although the skin was a bit chewy and soggy in spots, indicating it needed a higher frying temperature.

The not-bad rolls

Overall we enjoyed the pho, the eclectic feel, and the good service. A worthy 4th (apparently) visit!

Here’s our review of the pho!

Sm: $6.50 Lg: $7.50 ($7.95 for bun bo hue)
Beef: decent portions. Tender beef, firm tendons.
Noodles: soft, slightly odd texturally
Broth: good flavour and depth, bun bo hue had great balance of spiciness
MSG amount: above average.
Presentation: 2 out of 4 (3 for the bun bo hue).

Overall: 7.6 out of 10

Song Huong Vietnamese Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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